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Arkana Education On-Campus Education

Arkana Education Campuses: Toronto, Guelph, Sudbury

Arkana Education currently has 3 locations in 3 cities across Ontario. Arkana Education (665719) Toronto, known as the main office,  is located in Toronto, Ontario. Arkana Education Guelph (884574) is located in the city of Guelph, and Arkana Education Sudbury (889722) is located in the city of Sudbury. All campuses and branches are supervised and directed by the main office in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Local students in Toronto, Guelph and Sudbury may contact the campus in their city, directly. Please call the information desk to receive the most updated protocols for online or on site meetings and consultation sessions. 
  • Students from other cities in Ontario, or other provinces, should contact Arkana Education main office in Toronto for consultations or registration information. 

International Students

Students from outside of Canada, should fill out the application first. Students will be contacted by one of the Arkana Education Advisors. 

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